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Pfizer launches Toviaz, customizable support plan


NEW YORK A drug maker has coincided the release of a drug for overactive bladder with a customizable support plan for patients with the condition.

Pfizer announced Tuesday the release of extended-release Toviaz (fesoterodine fumarate) tablets and the YourWay plan, a 12-week program developed with help from behavior and medication adherence efforts and offered for free that the company said is designed to help doctors educate patients about their condition and treatment.

“Given Pfizer’s long heritage in the overactive bladder market with Detrol and Detrol LA, we understand that experiences and challenges with overactive bladder differ from patient to patient,” Pfizer primary care business unit president and general manager Olivier Brandicourt said in a statement. “To help address these challenges for both physicians and patients, Pfizer is proud to introduce Toviaz, which offers the flexibility of two efficacious doses to treat patients based on individual need, plus the innovative YourWay program.”

Known generically as tolterodine tartrate, Detrol and Detrol LA – the extended-release formulation – received FDA approval in 1998 and 2000, respectively.

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