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Pfizer reports cancer drug Aromasin aids survival rates in women


BERLIN Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer who switched to a Pfizer drug after taking standard tamoxifen for two to three years experienced better survival rates than women who remained on tamoxifen, according to results of a study announced Tuesday.

Pfizer presented the data at the joint ECCO 15 and ESMO 34 meeting in Berlin showing that the women who took the tablet Aromasin (exemestane) experienced 14% reduction in the risk of dying, as well as an 18% reduction in the risk of recurrence of breast cancer, contralateral breast cancer or death from any cause, also called disease-free survival events.

“These findings are important to patients and physicians alike as they reaffirm their confidence in switching to Aromasin after two to three years of tamoxifen,” principal study investigator Charles Coombes said in a statement.

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