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Pfizer’s vaccine division takes Cytos Biotechnology’s licenses for vaccines


ZURICH, Switzerland A Swiss biotech company announced Monday that Pfizer’s vaccine division has taken commercial licenses for vaccines under an agreement made in August.

Cytos Biotechnology said Pfizer had taken the licenses for drugs based on Cytos’ Immunodrug technology. It said the vaccines target diseases outside of its normal research and development programs, but it will retain its rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize vaccines against the same diseases.

“The decision to execute these commercial license agreements is a measure of the importance Pfizer places on Cytos Biotechnology’s Immunodrugs as a key component of their vaccines’ pipeline,” Cytos EVP for business development Mark Dyer said in a statement. “These target-focused deals, outside the scope of our own R&D programs, further validate Cytos Biotechnology’s strategy to leverage its technology, know-how and intellectual property and enable top-tier pharmaceutical companies to advance their therapeutic vaccines.”

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