PharmaCentra launches No Switch Savings


ATLANTA PharmaCentra has launched a new program, called No Switch Savings. The program is designed to educate pharmacists on the importance of complying with “dispensed as written” prescriptions and offset lower generic co-pays for patients seeking brand-name prescriptions.

The program works by providing pharmacists with customized messaging of facts about the prescribed drug and its likely generic substitution. The program also includes a point-of-purchase savings coupon that allows pharmacists to offset the increased co-pay for the branded therapy. The cost of the savings coupon is recouped through increased branded fills and brand loyalty that encourages continued therapy on subsequent fills.

“Prescriptions are frequently substituted at the point-of-fill by a generic that may not be bioequivalent,” said Dan Berman, chairman and chief executive officer of PharmaCentra.

The No Switch Savings program gives pharmaceutical companies customized access to 20,000 independent retail pharmacies and 35,000 chain pharmacies for a total of 55,000 retail outlets.

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