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Pharmacy First brings credentialing, monitoring services to members

Pharmacy First, a leading Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization, or PSAO, upporting a network of independent pharmacies, has partnered with Medversant Technologies to bring a robust credentialing, compliance and monitoring program to Pharmacy First members.

Medversant’s management platform is a comprehensive verification solution for CFR 455. It automatically monitors OIG status, DEA certifications, malpractice monitoring, and state and federal monitoring, as well as primary source verifications of staff. Medversant will integrate with NCPDP’s resQ pharmacy credentialing resource.

The resQ pharmacy credentialing resource is a product of NCPDP, a problem-solving forum for healthcare and ANSI-accredited standards development organizations. ResQ offers secure, complete and up-to-date self-reported pharmacy data and credentials maintained in the pharmacy’s NCPDP Profile, according to the company.

In addition, resQ captures licensures, PIC and required CMS 42 CFR 455 regulatory information and credentialing data, including ownership details, insurance, sanctions and disciplinary information, as well as service-level data and supporting documentation requested by PBMs, the company said.

“With various industry demands for maintaining credentialing, our pharmacies are required to complete multiple credentialing platforms, creating redundant islands of information,” Pharmacy First's vice president of managed care operations Amanda Schaeuble said. “There was a need to create uniformity for our pharmacies and PBM partners. This robust platform will capture the variety of requests for information, while saving our pharmacies time,” she said. “We are taking our credentialing to another level. NCPDP and Medversant together will fulfill our organization’s credentialing, accreditation and compliance requirements while maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy.”
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