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PharmaSmart’s DataSmart health database surpasses 50 million screenings


ROCHESTER, N.Y — PharmaSmart International Inc., a leading manufacturer of validated health screening kiosks and digital health services, has announced that its DataSmart Health Database now houses results from over 50 million individual biometric screening sessions. Over 2 Million of those results are attributable to patients enrolled in PharmaSmart’s patented, integrated biometric tracking program, which populates patient biometric data, including blood pressure results, into leading pharmacy Rx software and supports advanced clinical services and interventions at the pharmacy point of care.


Dr. Mark Niebylski, CEO of the World Hypertension League (WHL), stated “Traditionally, efforts to consolidate blood pressure registries are plagued by validity concerns and integration barriers. Because of the popularity and scale of their kiosk network, PharmaSmart now has an international registry populated with trustworthy, actionable clinical data.” Niebylski added, “One challenge for the pharmacy profession advocating on behalf of provider status is a lack of patient outcome evidence for the services they provide. This type of integrated, validated biometric network offers pharmacies quality patient outcome data to support their care processes, and validate their role in reducing cardiovascular risk.”


Josh Sarkis, PharmaSmart GM & SVP and Head of Clinical Programs, stated “Our team is extremely proud of this 50 Million milestone, which represents a decade of research, planning, execution, and a daily commitment to be the world leader in integrated, self-measured biometric screening.” He continued, “PharmaSmart’s DataSmart® repository represents the world’s largest single registry of clinically validated blood pressure readings. This means we are ideally positioned to support hypertension research, and help coordinate care between clinicians, pharmacists, and patients to improve blood pressure control.”


PharmaSmart announced that the database is expanding at a rate of over 1 Million patient screenings per month, and with its rapidly expanding connected kiosk network, the company expects to achieve the 100 Million mark within 18 months.

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