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PQA appointed to the National Priorities Partnership


FAIRFAX STATION, Va. An alliance representing members of the healthcare industry has been appointed to the National Priorities Partnership Committee, an initiative convened by the National Quality Forum.

The National Priorities Partnership is a collaborative effort that has been led by 28 major national organizations that collectively influence every part of the healthcare system.

“Pharmacists play an important role in achieving the national priorities and goals,” said Janet M. Corrigan, president and CEO of the National Quality Forum, which convened the National Priorities Partnership in 2008. “They help ensure that patients receive safer, better coordinated care on a daily basis; drive the system to improve patient outcomes through effective medication management; and are on the front lines when it comes to truly engaging patients in and educating patients about their care.”

“As a relatively new organization in the growing performance measurement enterprise, we are pleased that the NQF Board has expanded the members of the National Priorities Partnership,” said Laura Cranston, PQA’s executive director. “Clearly, the NQF recognizes the important role that pharmacists have in advancing appropriate medication use and ensuring optimal patient outcomes through appropriate medication management services. We look forward to being a part of this very important collaborative initiative.”

PQA’s mission is to improve the quality of medication use across healthcare settings through a collaborative process in which key stakeholders agree on a strategy for measuring and reporting performance information related to medications.

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