PrescribeWellness shares PharmacyGrowth results

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PrescribeWellness shares PharmacyGrowth results

By David Salazar - 06/13/2017

IRVINE, Calif. — Cloud-based pharmacy services company PrescribeWellness has shared new data showing that its PharmacyGrowth solution has helped community pharmacies increase their script volume, improve patient adherence and deliver on customer satisfaction. PharmacyGrowth is the latest addition to the company’s suite of engagement tools, and was developed to help community pharmacies offer more personalized service to their patients.

PrescribeWellness said the platform uses data analytics and machine learning to offer a series of relevant and timely communications via text, email and phone call. From the PrescribeWellness platform’s patient engagement center, pharmacists can see which patients are having the most impact on their Star ratings and immediately develop an action plan.

The company said that pharmacies with PharmacyGrowth average a 4.4 Star network score, and average 15% higher customer ratings than those that don’t. Additionally, pharmacies using PharmacyGrowth had annual prescription volume right times greater than the national average for community pharmacies in 2016. 

“As a patient-centric pharmacy, you need tools to help you identify and support all of a patient’s health care needs, and our new data shows that PharmacyGrowth is a powerful and effective tool for community pharmacies to communicate and engage with their patients,” PrescribeWellness patient communications manager Perry Reed said. “Not only does it help patients stay compliant and on their medications for better health, but it also drives refills, prescription volume, loyalty and repeat business.”