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Professions Quest launches MMO as health professional training tool





PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. —  The Virginia Serious Game Institute announced Monday that one of its initial high tech startups, Professions Quest, has launched its flagship title Mimycx, a massively multi-player online serious game dedicated to revolutionizing knowledge exchange throughout the healthcare industry; specifically in osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, public health, allied health and veterinary colleges.


Mimycx provides an interactive learning environment that brings multiple students from 16 different healthcare professions together to solve real-world healthcare scenarios and help master interprofessional education collaborative core competencies. Mimycx will debut at the 2015 IPEC Institute in Herndon, Va., and the 2015 Joint AACOM & AODME Annual Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., later this month.


“A key goal in the design of Mimycx is the development of a new approach to interprofessional education learning that creates benefits not yet discovered through any other virtual or e-learning educational vehicle,” said Scott Martin, founding director, Virginia Serious Game Institute. 


“Prince William County encourages technological innovation, growth and expansion," said Corey Stewart, chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors. "The Virginia Serious Game Institute captures our shared vision to help small businesses realize their market potential and growth opportunities.”   


“Key to our success is the Virginia Serious Game Institute, which has been instrumental in our ‘accelerated’ performance as a new small business,” added Lucinda Maine, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy EVP and CEO of Professions Quest.  “The public release of Mimycx marks an important milestone achievement for Professions Quest and Mimycx.”


The Mimycx game quests are set in a futuristic environment, which allows students to step outside the traditional realm of healthcare education while learning new communication techniques and how to interact, collaborate and form cohesive teams. Users can explore the world of Mimycx on their own, form healthcare teams of up to five members and take on quests together, while simultaneously being evaluated on their performance and interaction.


Mimycx customers will receive two, one-hour faculty development sessions included in their product license.  Following the launch, Professions Quest will release a new scenario or quest, every six weeks in 2015, for a total of eight this year. 



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