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QS/1 selected as early adopter in new CMS script standard

QS/1 is participating in the Surescripts Early Adopter program for the new National Council for Prescription Drug Program’s  SCRIPT standard version 2017071, the company announced Monday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are expected to implement the standard in early 2020.

“QS/1 has been at the forefront of every initiative in the electronic transmission of medical data,” Smith Technologies president and chief technology officer for JM Smith Corporation Kevin Welch said, in a press statement. “As CMS moves forward with SCRIPT standard version 2017071, QS/1 will work with our partners at Surescripts to ensure we are giving community pharmacy the tools they need to transmit e-prescriptions in the new format before the January 2020 deadline.”

The NCPDP SCRIPT standard is used to securely exchange information between prescribers, dispensers, and Medicare prescription drug plans. Surescripts transmits 4.8 million e-prescriptions every day.

The new SCRIPT standard version 2017071 will include new features and transaction options that are intended to reduce confusion and replace manual processes. These updates will improve patient safety and prescription accuracy while making workflows between healthcare providers and pharmacies more efficient, according to the companies.

“Surescripts plays a key role convening the industry and leading all participants in the Surescripts Network Alliance through periods of change. By working together across markets, we can generate enormous value – not just for each other, but for society,” Surescripts chief product officer Mike Pritts said, in a statement. “Given QS/1’s experience in implementing previous versions of the NCPDP SCRIPT standard, Surescripts is confident QS/1 will again guide community pharmacies as the January 2020 deadline approaches.”
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