QS/1 participates in pharmacy pilot program


SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1 is a participant in a trial healthcare initiative intended to enhance the role pharmacists play in providing integrated clinical services for patients. Facilitated by Community Care of North Carolina, the initiative brings together health information and pharmacy management providers.

“QS/1 is constantly looking for ways to help improve patient care,” said Ed Vess, R.Ph., president of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association and QS/1 senior manager of Market Analysts. “This program being tested across North Carolina is a unique opportunity to validate the important role pharmacists play in the lives of patients.”

Using the standards adopted in the use of electronic medical records, CCNC will develop a system that allows healthcare providers and pharmacies to tailor a “care plan” for patients that can be updated and shared electronically.

“QS/1 will provide the portal within our pharmacy management systems to allow pharmacists to develop the care plan and then share it with healthcare providers,” Vess said. “This additional documentation will allow all involved to see the progress, or any setbacks, in the patient’s health.”

Spartanburg-based QS/1 is provides healthcare software solutions that effectively manage independent, chain, hospital outpatient and long-term care pharmacies and HME businesses.

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