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Rainbow Light launches Little Angels children’s chewable vitamins


SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems on Tuesday launched its children’s chewable Little Angels Multivitamin/Mineral in an exclusive partnership with Whole Foods Market.

For every 10 bottles of Little Angels purchased at Whole Foods Market, Rainbow Light will contribute one bottle to the nonprofit Vitamin Angels, an organization committed to providing nutrition to children and families in need worldwide.

The new program joins Rainbow Light’s longstanding 10-to-1-donation program for its Prenatal One and Complete Prenatal System multivitamins.

“When we became Vitamin Angels’ founding prenatal vitamin donor, our intent was to give back in a meaningful way and create a relationship between our customers and the vital work this … nonprofit does,” said Rainbow Light president, Linda Kahler. “The stories we hear of improved birth weights and infant and maternal survival rates in the communities receiving our vitamins are truly inspiring to our community of employees and customers. Now, with Whole Foods Market as our partner, we are thrilled to increase our contributions to those in need as we continue to grow as a company.”

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