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Reports: Fla. senator may introduce amendment to close Medicare 'doughnut hole'


NEW YORK If the healthcare reform legislation going through the Senate doesn’t include provisions to require drug companies to give rebates to Medicare that match Medicaid rebates, a senator from Florida may reintroduce an amendment to require them to, according to published reports.

According to the reports, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., would likely reintroduce the amendment, designed to close the Medicare Part D coverage gap and require the drug companies to offer rebates to Medicare for certain beneficiaries if the legislation, currently going through the Senate Finance Committee, goes to the Senate floor without the requirements.

The amendment failed 13-10 in a committee vote last week. The amendment would close the “doughnut hole,” the Medicare coverage gap that causes seniors to lose their Part D coverage when their annual drug expenditures are between $2,700 and $6,154.

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