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Resolution Health launches women's health campaign


COLUMBIA, Md. The personal health care guidance company Resolution Health today announced the launch of their Women’s Health and Wellness Action Campaign. The campaign is a member outreach program that is designed to help increase the prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancers in women.

Resolution Health’s comprehensive program begins with claims analysis to identify health plan members who have not undergone recommended mammogram or cervical cancer screenings. The Action Campaign reaches out to members on behalf of their health plan using phone-based, speech-enabled technology provided by Eliza Corp. These interactive calls engage the member in conversation about the importance of preventive cancer screenings and assess and address a member’s planned behavior regarding these screenings - including any potential barriers to have the tests. Based upon a member’s spoken responses, education and support follow-up is offered.

These member responses trigger a personalized follow-up mailing, providing actionable information on the importance of these screenings and addressing personal barriers to healthy behavior identified during the phone call. Depending upon a health plan’s benefit design, the mailing may also include a gift card incentive offer to reward members who complete the recommended procedures.

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