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Rexall Pharma Plus applauds Ontario government's move to expand pharmacy practice


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Frank Scorpiniti, CEO of Rexall Pharma Plus, issued a statement this week applauding the Ontario government’s announcement that it will expand the role of pharmacists to provide more options for Ontarians’ healthcare needs.

“On behalf of the over 700 Rexall Pharma Plus pharmacists located in communities all across Ontario, we support the Ontario government in its efforts to expand access to essential health services and increase immunization rates across the province, which results in healthier communities and lower overall healthcare costs,” Scorpiniti stated.

Pharmacists will now be able to provide additional services to patients, such as renewals and adaptations of existing prescriptions; prescribing medication to help people quit smoking; demonstrating how to use an asthma inhaler or inject insulin; chronic disease monitoring; and the administration of flu shots.

With flu season just around the corner, this announcement is particularly timely, as Ontarians now have the ability to receive flu shots in the pharmacy.

“Rexall is committed to making it easy for Ontarians to feel good about their health. We have invested in training and infrastructure to ensure we are ready to make it easier to receive the flu shot across the province,” Scorpiniti added.

All Rexall Pharma Plus pharmacists in Ontario are preparing to give the flu vaccine once it is available this season. The company is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Long‐Term Care and with Public Health Ontario to ensure that Ontarians have timely access to the vaccine once it is made available. The other professional services will be available once guidelines have been released by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, the company stated.

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