Rite Aid offers Prescription Advisor reports


CAMP HILL, Pa. — Rite Aid is offering personalized reports designed to increase medication adherence, the company said Tuesday.

The retail pharmacy chain announced the availability of Rite Care Prescription Advisor reports to show whether patients are taking prescribed medications as prescribed. Centered around consultations with pharmacists, the reports show a compliance score for each prescribed medication in the form of an easy-to-read line graph. Scores also are calculated and graphed across multiple medications used to treat the same or related conditions and combined for an overall score.

Participation in the program is optional, and those who choose to take part will receive a complete report, the company said. But Rite Aid said its pharmacists already were using the reports in their day-to-day interactions with patients. The company also is promoting the program in newspaper circulars and by including a snapshot of patients' report on their private prescription information and a suggestion that they speak with the pharmacist about the program's details.

"We're witnessing a new era of patient care that is more effectively utilizing community pharmacists to ensure that medications are taken as prescribed, which can lead to better patient outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs," Rite Aid EVP pharmacy Robert Thompson said. "At Rite Aid, we believe face-to-face counseling is critical to improving therapeutic outcomes. The Rite Care Prescription Advisor is a new tool designed to do just that by facilitating meaningful face-to-face counseling and enhancing the pharmacist-patient relationship."

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