Rite Aid recognizes 6 Pharmacy Champions for outstanding service

Rite Aid this week has named six pharmacy team members Pharmacy Champions. Those recognized were chosen by a panel of judges from more than 15,000 customer-submitted entries in the annual program, which was conducted last October for American Pharmacists month.

Team members who were recognized as Pharmacy Champions will receive $2,500 in Rite Aid gift cards and the opportunity to select a KidCents charity to receive a $2,500 donation from the Rite Aid Foundation. The customers who nominated the winners also will receive $2,500 gift cards.

"At Rite Aid, our pharmacists and pharmacy teams put the patient at the center of everything they do, to deliver unmatched value-based care," said Jocelyn Konrad, Rite Aid executive vice president of pharmacy and retail operations. "This program is just one reminder of the impact our teams have on the lives and health outcomes of our customers. We received an overwhelming amount of entries this year that showcased our pharmacy team members delivering best-in-class care to patients, something that is invaluable to our patients and Rite Aid. We are extremely proud of our pharmacy team and thank all of our customers who took the time to nominate them."

This year’s Rite Aid Pharmacy Champions were:

  • Pharmacist Katherine Chin, who was nominated by Jeffrey Krug for her service and being calm and professional during a crisis, jumping to action when a patient collapsed while at the pharmacy counter. She works at the Concar Drive Rite Aid in San Mateo, Calif., and has been a Rite Aid pharmacist for 42 years;

  • Pharmacy technician Samantha Rodonski, who was nominated by Christine Myers for taking the time to help a patient navigate insurance processes to ensure they received a necessary anti-rejection medication. She has been a Rite Aid associate for two years in Ashland, Ore.;

  • Pharmacy manager Bruce Roberts, who was nominated by Jessica Dellose for helping a family whose infant had just had life-saving surgery, explaining to the family the patient’s medications and how to administer them. He has been a pharmacy manager for nine years in Newark, Del.;

  • Pharmacy technician Susan Grim, who was nominated by Carla Snelling for her service at the Rite Aid in Fogelsville, Pa., where she has been a pharmacy technician for 15 years and takes a positive approach to patient interaction;

  • Pharmacy manager Martin Ossolinski, who was nominated by Catherine Ruocco for his work at a Ridgewood, N.Y., Rite Aid store, advising a patient to immediately see a physician when he saw the patient’s exceptionally fast heartbeat. He has been a Rite Aid pharmacy manager for 17 years; and

  • Pharmacy technician Patricia Yost, who was nominated by Daniel Doff for her dedication to helping elderly patients understand and stay adherent to medication. She has been a pharmacy technician with Rite Aid for 33 years and works at the Welsh Road location in Philadelphia.