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Roche files appeal against Amgen


LOS ANGELES The patent infringement case between Amgen and Roche Holding, which Amgen won last year, has ensued based on Roche’s appeal to a preliminary injunction barring U.S. sales for its anemia drug Mircera.

Amgen has been pushing for authorities to permanently bar the sales for Mircera, but, according to published reports, Judge William Young has been trying to decide whether to require Amgen to license its patents on its Anemia drugs Epogen and Aranesp to Roche in return for a licensing fee.

In a statement Amgen said, “We look forward to arguing the case for protection of intellectual property against a proven infringer in the appellate court,”

Roche feels that the charges against the company were invalid and will fight Amgen’s push for a permanent injunction.

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