Rx-360 launches redesigned website


WASHINGTON — International pharmaceutical supply chain consortium Rx-360 on Thursday announced the launch of a new website at its annual Rx-360 Conference in Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland. The consortium said the redesign is part of its digital evolution to showcase its industry expertise and support its overall growth. 


"The Rx-360 mission is to promote patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain," Rx-360 CEO Mark Paxton said. “To fulfill this mission, we want to leverage technology as much as possible to enable agile information sharing that is timely and relevant.”


The Rx-360 website first launched in 2009, serving as a vital resource for members, observers, partners and media. The new enhancements are aimed at developing an intuitive user interface, instant updates, faster navigation and improved search capabilities. It’s the result of a collaboration with SCORR Marketing and was pushed by Rx-360’s communications team, including Hovione digital marketing specialist Cristina Martinho, AstraZeneca product security case manager Jayne Trumbull and LifeConEx senior advisor of optimization and Rx-360 communications chair Vivian Berni. 


"Our digital strategy behind the project promises to focus on the end user experience with special attention given to make it easier for industry users to find information, learn about upcoming webinars and request audit licensing reports all through a fully website responsive design,” Berni said. “We are thrilled to lead the evolution of Rx-360's digital presence and are thrilled to finally launch the new site," 


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