Rx30, Computer-Rx choose Updox to coordinate patient care

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Rx30, Computer-Rx choose Updox to coordinate patient care

By David Salazar - 08/01/2017

DUBLIN, Ohio — Pharmacy management system provider Rx30 and Computer-Rx announced that it had selected Updox Pharmacy Connect as a way for its customers to help coordinate their patients’ care. The platform allows pharmacist to connect securely with patients to boost their engagement, as well as reach out to other members of the healthcare team, Updox said.

“As healthcare costs skyrocket and the number of primary care physicians decreases, people are turning more and more to their trusted community pharmacy for clinical care,” Rx30 president and CEO Steve Wubker said. “Pharmacies are facing the same challenges as medical practices of managing costs, making processes more efficient and engaging patients, while also trying to communicate efficiently with other providers for improved outcomes. Updox offers an outstanding solution that supports care coordination in a way that works well within pharmacy workflows, is simple to use and cost efficient.”

Updox Pharmacy Connect platform is secure, web-based platform that helps pharmacists securely exchange full clinical records with physicians, maximize reimbursements, engage patients and improve workflow efficiencies. It also offers a patient portal to engage patients and improve customer satisfaction. It supports direct secure messaging to facilitate interaction and information exchange to help build provider relationships. The platform consolidates all pharmacy communications — including secure messages, emails, referrals, appointment cancellations, faxes and forms — into a single inbox to make routing and responding easier, the company said.

“We’re facing a broken, unstable healthcare system. If we’re truly committed to lowering costs and improving care, we must look at ways where different providers can easily share information, coordinate care and engage patients as partners,” Updox CEO Michael Morgan said. “Updox recognizes that pharmacies are a vital part of clinical care teams. Ensuring they have secure, easy-to-use connections to other providers is essential to supporting their ability to impact care, ensure medication adherence and manage healthcare costs.”