Sandoz introduces generic Lescol XL


PRINCETON, N.J. — Sandoz on Friday announced that it had launched its generic version of Novartis’ Lescol XL (fluvastatin) extended-release tablets. The drug is indicated to treat high cholesterol alongside diet and exercise.

“Sandoz is committed to expanding our portfolio of affordable, high-quality treatment options for US patients,” said Peter Goldschmidt, President of Sandoz Inc. “We are pleased to work with our Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation colleagues to offer an authorized generic version of Lescol XL to the tens of millions of Americans trying to control their cholesterol.”

The fluvastatin tablets will be available in 80-mg dosage strength. Lescol XL had U.S. sales of about $36 million for the 12 months ending August 2015.

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