Screening for allergens


More pharmacy retailers are offering allergy screenings to their patients at no charge. And while the cost for the testing can be considerable — allergy screenings can run upward of $500 — the service is an additional way pharmacies and clinics can get closer to the communities they serve by offering an important service to parents.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, as many as 54.6% of the American population would test positive to one or more allergens. More than half of all households have at least six detectable allergens present, and allergic disease impacts the lives of as many as 50 million Americans.

This past fall, Giant Eagle and Chattem partnered on free in-store allergy screenings for adults older than 18 years. Patients provided a small blood sample that was then submitted to a laboratory for analysis for the 10 most common allergens: milk, wheat, egg, cat dander, timothy grass, Bermuda grass, mountain cedar, ragweed, mold and dust mite.

And in March, Sam’s Club once again offered free allergy health screenings in select locations across the country.

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