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Sepracor launches Web site with results from allergy poll


MARLBOROUGH, Mass. Sepracor launched a new website today,, which is based off a survey entitled “Allergies in America.”

The site will be a full resource for physicians and consumers, offering them the results of the survey—of children, adolescents and adults with allergic rhinitis. It will also include executive summaries, downloadable detailed presentations, information for patients to help handle allergies, and other resources.

According to Mark Corrigan, executive vice president of research and development at Sepracor, “We believe the web site is a valuable tool that offers important information relative to the experiences and perceptions of nasal allergy sufferers, their caregivers and health care professionals. We hope that it will become a primary resource for patients and physicians to help gain an understanding of the burden of allergic rhinitis.”

Among the results from the Allergies in America survey were that adult and children nasal allergy suffers are likely to change medications that do not appear to be giving them relief, also that new drug treatments are essential for all allergy suffers and that health care practitioners overestimate patient satisfaction with their current treatments.

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