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Shire launches Cuvitru


LEXINGTON, Mass. — Shire on Wednesday announced the launch of its Cuvitru (immune globulin subcutaneous (human) 20% solution). The drug, which was approved in September, is indicated to treat adult and pediatric patients aged two years and over with primary immunodeficiency — a group of more than 300 genetic disorders that prevent the immune system from functioning properly. 


“Cuvitru offers an important new option for patients living with PI, providing the opportunity for fewer infusion sites and shorter infusion durations,” Shire head of U.S. commercial Perry Sternberg said. “Shire has focused on making Cuvitru available quickly following FDA approval. We recognize the importance of ensuring patients have access to a broad portfolio of IG treatment options so they can choose a therapy that best fits their needs.”


Cuvitru allows patients to control and manage their treatment in a way that fits their condition, Shire said, noting that for most patients it was infused weekly in under an hour in one to two sites. It can also be administered biweekly in up to four infusion sites based on patient needs. 


“We welcome Cuvitru as a new treatment option that will help patients and families manage their PI and adapt their treatment regimen to meet their personal needs," Fred Modell, co-founder of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, an organization devoted to early and precise diagnosis and care of PI patients, said. "We commend Shire's commitment to providing a range of treatment options that aim to improve the lives of PI patients."


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