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Smith Drug names new VP long-term care


SPARTANBURG, S.C. —  Smith Drug Co. has named Jeff Schneider as its VP long-term care pharmacy solutions, the company announced Monday. As the head of the newly dedicated department, Schneider will be responsible for developing solutions for the new and existing long-term care customers. 


“We’re not new to the LTC market,” Smith Drug president Jeff Foreman said. ”We have great relationships with many customers. They’ve been telling us what they’d like to see, what’s not really offered by any one provider in the industry, and we’ve listened. We’ve brought an LTC expert on board — someone specifically tasked with providing expertise to our customers and helping them grow their business. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are excited to have him lead the LTC team.”


As a pharmacist, Schneider has been involved with LTC pharmacy for more than 20 years, holding executive roles with such companies as NeighborCare and Omnicare, with professional experience with start-up, turnaround, multi-site and multi-state LTC pharmacy. With his new role on Smith Drug’s leadership team, Schneider will work to help customers grow their businesses. 


“I’ve been where our customers are. I know the pressure to provide excellent patient care, while maintaining a solid business strategy and compliance with ever-changing regulations,” Schneider said. “I have first-hand experience that no other vendor can match the excellent customer service provided by Smith Drug Co. I am excited that my new role will be leading a team that can offer customers solutions that are simply not found anywhere else. Of course that includes wholesale distribution, but in addition to that, we can provide consultation on how to open, expand and improve operations. We can help our customers increase their success.”


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