Standing Stone launches DMClinic for diabetes management


WESTPORT, Conn. Standing Stone, a disease state management solutions company, has launched its DMClinic software application. DMClinic is designed to help hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities manage their inpatient and outpatient diabetic patients. DMClinic is the latest in a series of clinical support disease management applications that includes CoagClinic and CholesterolClinic, which are Web-based management systems for anticoagulation and cholesterol therapy, respectively.

“We’re delighted to have had the chance of being involved with the development of DMClinic for the past several years,” said Mark Wurster, Standing Stone’s chief medical officer and clinical assistant professor of Internal Medicine at Ohio State University. He concluded, “Initial experience with this application has shown significant improvements in patient quality of care metrics, while simultaneously improving the fiscal efficiency of end-users. We hope that this application proves to be as successful as CoagClinic and CholesterolClinic in terms of improving the delivery of health care.”

The software combines point-of-service testing for HgbA1C, which measures blood sugar and glucose, while also providing an approach to both therapy management and documentation.

DMClinic features detailed checklists on Health Maintenance Activities, tracking of multiple diabetes medications, comprehensive patient and clinic reports and a patient education section all combined with Standing Stone’s “one screen” approach which helps speed data input and clinic efficiency. Installing DMClinic’s HL7 interface enables automatic synchronization of data throughout the organization.

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