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Study finds Bostonians least likely to use retail clinics


BOSTON As retail-based clinics become increasingly popular with patients nationwide, Bostonians appear to be less likely to use such clinics, at least according to a recent article in the Boston Business Journal, citing the results of a Deloitte study.

According to a new study by the consultancy firm, the percentage of patients who were likely to use a retail-based clinic if it cost half as much as a doctor's visit was 30% nationwide, but just 21% in Boston, the article stated. In the past year, the percentage of patients who had actually used a retail-based facility was 5% in Boston, compared with 13% nationwide.

The newly-released study was conducted in October of 2008, and included 5,665 subjects nationwide.

The report also stated that even a one week wait for a doctor's visit would not encourage too many Bostonians to change their behavior and visit a retail-based clinic - just 18% compared with 28% nationwide.

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