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Supervalu Pharmacies focus on flu season with expanded offering


FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. Following suit with other major retailers, Supervalu Pharmacies this year has expanded its traditional flu shot, offering to help ease some of the anxieties the upcoming flu season may bring.

Like in seasons past, specially-trained and certified Supervalu pharmacists will be available to administer in-store flu shots by appointment, during regular pharmacy hours. This year, however, the company has trained an additional 40% of its pharmacists to administer immunizations–a move to increase convenience for walk-in customers without appointments, during what is expected to be a heavy flu shot season.

Additionally, the company will provide literature that explains the differences between seasonal flu and H1N1, along with tips that can help consumers stay healthy during the upcoming cold and flu season. There is no charge for the educational materials.

“With growing concerns around H1N1 and the annual seasonal flu virus, we at Supervalu Pharmacies want our customers to know they have the ability to reduce the spread of influenza, and we’re here to help,” said Chris Dimos, president, Supervalu Pharmacies. “In many cases, it’s a lack of knowledge that stops people from getting preventative care, like flu shots, that can help them avoid serious complications down the line.”

Supervalu Pharmacies will offer flu shots at $24.99. Medicare Part B and many medical insurance plans are accepted.

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