Supervalu pharmacists help headache sufferers manage their symptoms


FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. In recognition of National Headache Awareness Week, Supervalu on Thursday announced an offer of one-on-one consultations with a specially trained Supervalu pharmacist to help headache sufferers manage their symptoms, and at the same time, raise money for the National Headache Foundation’s Migraine Million campaign.

The in-store headache consultations will begin June 7 – the beginning of National Headache Awareness Week – and continue through August 31. During the two-part consultations, patients will work with a Supervalu clinical pharmacist to determine what triggers may be causing their headaches and how to avoid them. Also, patients will learn how keeping a headache diary can help manage headaches and discuss what prescription treatments are available and may be best for their individual needs.

“Headache is a legitimate and often treatable condition,” stated Chris Dimos, president Supervalu. “We want headache sufferers in the communities we serve to understand they do not have to suffer, and also know that Supervalu pharmacists are available to help.”

A portion of the proceeds from the headache consultations will be donated to the NHF, a non-profit organization, to support education and research to improve the quality of life for all migraine sufferers.

The summertime headache consultations mark the second time Supervalu has joined the NHF in an effort to increase the public’s understanding of headache, the retailer noted. In late December, the organizations partnered to offer information about migraine headache and triggers that typically are associated with the winter holidays.

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