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Survey finds that Americans are in the dark about generics


IRVINE, Calif. Though the use of generic prescription drugs has soared in recent years – to more than 60% of all prescriptions, by some estimates – many Americans remain in the dark about generics when it comes to their cost, active ingredients and effectiveness, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by health insurer UnitedHealth Group's pharmacy benefit manager Prescription Solutions, found that nearly one-third of respondents did not know or believe that generics have the same active ingredients and effectiveness as branded drugs. While 71% of respondents said they were concerned about drug costs, and more than a quarter had delayed or avoided filling prescriptions or avoided taking their drugs as directed, two-thirds did not know of the cost differences between branded and generic drugs.

“Using generics helps make health care more affordable without compromising results,” Prescription Solutions CEO Jacquelin Kosecoff said. “Many Americans erroneously believe that the most expensive drug is always the most effective drug, so by helping to change perceptions, we can help people save money and still get the best treatment available.”

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