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Survey: 76% of patients would seek out pharmacy with certified technicians


WASHINGTON — The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board on Thursday shared the results of a survey that highlights the importance of certified pharmacy technicians, according to patients. The survey found that 85% of those surveyed believe it is very important for pharmacy technicians to be certified, and that 76% would seek out a new pharmacy if they knew the technicians in their current pharmacy weren’t certified. 


"Consumers want to feel safe, especially when it comes to the health of their families," PTCB executive director and CEO Everett McAllister said. "If consumers find that technicians employed in their regular pharmacy are not certified, they say they will seek out another pharmacy where technicians are certified. This is a call to action for the pharmacy profession: The public expects to be safe, and demands that technicians who help prepare their medications have the right credentials. Consumers are focused on safety, and a competent workforce is critical to the safety of our patients."


Among those surveyed, 79% of frequent pharmacy visitors would seek a pharmacy with certified technicians, with 82% of adults with children at home saying they would look elsewhere. About 77% of those surveyed thought that all pharmacy technicians were required by law to be trained and certified, despite the fact that requirements vary by state, with fewer than half the states including certification in their regulations, and fewer requiring it. 


The public says active certification is the most important qualification for pharmacy technicians," PTCB director of strategic alliances Miriam Mobley Smith said. "Certification gives people peace of mind about the medications they receive from the pharmacy and influences their choice of a pharmacy. Consumers clearly recognize the importance of having a uniform standard in place to help keep them safe."


The survey, administered on behalf of the PTCB by KRC Research, found that 62% of those surveyed qualified as frequent visitors, going at least once a month for prescriptions or medical advice. 


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