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Survey: Retail clinic visits drive in-store purchases

A new survey from data science firm Civis Analytics takes a look at the impact of retail clinic patients on retail sales and patient satisfaction. The survey found that 68% of patients made an in-store purchase during the same trip. Additionally, 53% of clinic patients subsequently visited the store to make a purchase.

Additionally, the survey highlighted the main reasons patients visit a retail clinic — typically for one-off needs. Roughly 31% go for vaccinations and 40% visit for minor illness or injuries. And while these suggest that the clinics aren’t looked to as a replacement for primary care, 25% of respondents said they visited an in-store clinic because of difficulty making appointments with their primary care provider. Price accompanied convenience as a factor, with 15% of respondents saying they visited because of price, with insured and uninsured patients using them equally.

Indeed, when it comes to the convenience, clinics typically deliver, as 2-in-3 patients were seen immediately or waited less than 15 minutes, and 90.3% patients rated their experience as good, very good or excellent. Roughly 82% said they would visit a retail clinic in the future.

"Today, people seeking healthcare have more options for where to get it, and providers have to appeal to them not only as patients but as consumers as well," said Crystal Son, healthcare analytics lead at Civis Analytics. "Patients want good medical care, but they also value convenience and want healthcare to meet them where they are, rather than cause disruption to their daily lives. Retail clinics are in a good position to meet both of these desires."
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