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SynaMed launches free online PHR


NEW YORK SynaMed has launched its free online personal health record, which will be available to all patients.

“SynaMed simplifies record keeping so that patients do not have to rely on memory. A personal health record can also provide lifesaving medical information when a patient is not able to speak for themselves,” according to Holly DeMuro, SynaMed’s director of operations. SynaMed’s personal health record system uses a Web browser-based application service provider model, which allows patients access anytime, from anywhere with Internet connection.

Patients using SynaMed’s personal health record will be able to record all of their medical history, doctor’s visits, check insurance coverage for medications, and receive health maintenance reminders about wellness issues and checkups. “Going forward, SynaMed will be expanding the Personal Health Record to include overall health information such as mood, weight, diet, and exercise trackers. This feature will be the first complete online wellness center,” DeMuro said.

In addition to a state of the art PHR, SynaMed offers a free fully integrated electronic medical record and practice management system to medical practitioners.

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