Synergy Medical adds high-volume automation option with SynMed Ultra

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Synergy Medical adds high-volume automation option with SynMed Ultra

By David Salazar - 07/13/2017


QUEBEC, Canada — Pharmacy automation company Synergy Medical has unveiled a new enhanced robot — the SynMed Ultra automation solution. The new robot uses SynMed’s medication pick-and-place technology and adapts it to a high-volume environment, giving it the capacity to fill three times more blister cards. 


“There are over 300 SynMeds installed in North America; many of them in central fill environments, many of whom need further capacity still,” Synergy Medical president and founder Jean Boutin said. “The Ultra was developed & tested over the last 3 years to address this clear market need. No other solution exists that can offer the precision, speed, and flexibility of the Ultra.”


Synergy Medical said that it first installed a SynMed Ultra in a Canadian central fill pharmacy in November 2015, with its first U.S. installation slated for September. The company said that the SynMed Ultra robot has a minimal footprint and can fill more than 100 multi-dose blister cards per hour with two operators. 


“I am very proud of our new machine,” Boutin said. “We are a small team of experienced individuals dedicated to being the industry standard in blister pack automation.”