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TeleManager introduces central IVR system


NEWARK, N.J. TeleManager Technologies will unveil its new Central Interactive Voice Response system at the 2008 National Association of Chain Drug Stores Pharmacy and Technology Conference.

The new system will allow callers to speak their responses into the IVR templated system meaning that, callers can request refills by product name rather than needing to know and key in their prescription number.

The system will also be set-up as a centralized, Windows-based configuration, which will eliminate expensive hardware that would’ve been needed at each individual pharmacy. This will allow the IVR to either be set-up at a pharmacy’s headquarters or TeleManager could host all the functions and then forward the information to the right location.

Additional new features include extensive outbound calling, surveying and marketing functionality. Outbound Refill Reminder and Will-Call Bin pick-up reminder calls will help to improve compliance and improve pharmacy efficiencies. Also, new targeted messaging capabilities can be used to provide specific information to any subset of patients (e.g., first time patients, opt-in customers, specific therapeutic category users, etc.). Likewise, HIPAA compliant opt-in calls allow the pharmacy (centrally or store controlled) to contact segments of its customer base for special services and offers.

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