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Thrifty White gets URAC specialty pharmacy accreditation


PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Thrifty White Pharmacy recently announced that it had received specialty pharmacy accreditation from the URAC, the Washington, D.C.-based health care accreditation organization. 


“URAC accreditation validates our comprehensive specialty pharmacy program” Thrifty White’s Specialty Pharmacy director Jeremy Faulks said. “Our program offers a solution for patients who value their local pharmacist and this continuity of care delivers better outcomes, ultimately reducing healthcare costs.” 


Thrifty White recently expanded its capabilities to service specialty patients in all 50 states, and it offers specialty medication pickup at 90 retail locations. The company said its specialty approach uses face-to-face pharmacist interaction with patients to improve patient outcomes. Thrifty White’s specialty pharmacy team also provide support services for patients. 


“We are excited to receive specialty pharmacy accreditation from URAC for our specialty site,” Thrifty White president and CEO Bob Narveson said. “Thrifty White has pioneered multiple industry-changing solutions, such as RxMedSync and HealthyPackRx. This accreditation is an example of how we are 100% committed to delivering the best patient care and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.” 


The company said that in the last 12 months, it’s had proportion of days covered (PDC) adherence scores above 93% for its specialty patients. 


“We applaud Thrifty White Pharmacy on achieving URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation,” URAC president and CEO Kylanne Green said. “In today’s health care market, URAC accreditation provides a mark of distinction for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality health care.” 


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