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United States faces hike in demand for pharmacy technicians


NEW YORK Pharmacies across the country will employ nearly 400,000 pharmacy technicians by 2016, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS’s numbers, which came from the 2008-2009 edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook and measured from 2006, indicate that the need will increase by 32% in the 10-year period between then and 2016.

About 71% of pharmacy technician jobs in 2006 were in retail pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores and mass merchandisers.

Meanwhile, 18% were in hospitals and mail-order and Internet pharmacies, doctor?s offices, pharmaceutical wholesalers and the federal government.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida will need about 1,500 pharmacy technicians every year through 2015. The state will begin requiring them to have licenses starting in 2011.

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