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Updox launches Pharmacy Connect at Cardinal Health’s 26th annual Retail Business Conference


DUBLIN, Ohio - Updox on Thursday introduced Pharmacy Connect, a care coordination suite for pharmacists, during Cardinal Health’s 26th annual Retail Business Conference. Pharmacy Connect offers retail and independent pharmacists an opportunity to enhance their ability to communicate and connect as the industry shifts to a value-based care model.

“In order to take advantage of new revenue opportunities, pharmacists have to use the same tools for communications, patient engagement and revenue growth that the rest of healthcare has been using for years," stated Michael Morgan, CEO Updox. "Without the ability to receive transitions of care, securely communicate and engage care teams, pharmacists risk losing revenue and putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage,” he said. “Direct messaging is a great place to start to ensure pharmacists have a level playing field as part of integrated care teams.”

Updox Pharmacy Connect is a care coordination suite that helps pharmacists exchange secure messages with physicians, receive transitions of care and engage patients to both take advantage of new revenue opportunities and lower costs. The suite provides an inbox allowing pharmacies to manage all types of communications, such as Direct secure messaging, paperless faxing and patient interactions via a portal where patients can send messages, complete forms and self-scheduling for vaccines, screenings or point of care testing.

More than 650,000 physicians already use Direct secure messaging to exchange clinical health data, Updox reported.


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