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Upsher-Smith launches savings, support program for Qudexy XR


MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Upsher-Smith Laboratories on Thursday announced a new savings and support program for its anti-epileptic drug Qudexy XR, called “It’s That Simple.” The program makes the drug available to eligible patients for a $0 copay. 


The $0 copay offer allows qualifying patients who pay cash or have commercial insurance to download and e-voucher at pharmacies nationwide or on the Qudexy website that will cover $200 per prescription for a maximum annual savings of $2,400. The program also includes free 30-day samples to allow patients to start treatment immediately, as well as a support line for benefit verification and prior authorizations. Additional prior authorization assistance is provided. 


"Having simplified access to quality, affordable medications is critical to all patients, including those with epilepsy," Upsher-Smith president Rusty Field said. "The 'It's That Simple' program for Qudexy XR offers patients affordable access and enhanced support while enabling healthcare professionals to prescribe the product with greater ease and efficiency. We are pleased to offer more options to patients with epilepsy and to their physicians."


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