Variant launches new pushbutton pill case lines


ROCHESTER, N.Y. Variant Products has launched the latest of its innovations in pill cases, the company announced Monday. New editions of the VitaBuddy and VitaCarry brand pill case designs are slotted to be available at retailers across North America this winter.

The company has said that it designed the new pushbutton design to respond to user concerns about accessing medications.

Variant’s pushbutton pill case models will be available in seven-day, 14-day and morning-time and night-time supply sizes. The cases are made of food-grade plastics, stainless steel components. Each case includes a 90-day warranty.

VitaCarry pill cases are available at Wal-Mart supercenters. The new Pushbutton 7-day cases are set to launch at Walgreens locations in early January.

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