Varolii's Progressive Engagement gives healthcare professionals new ways to contact patients


SEATTLE Varolii has announced the availability of a new automated communications suite, Progressive Engagement. Progressive Engagement enables managed care organizations, payers, disease management, wellness companies, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit management companies to deliver automated communications to patients and members over the phone, through text messages, fax or email.

Healthcare organizations can use Progressive Engagement in a variety of ways, including:

  • Enrolling more patients in disease management and wellness programs
  • Providing a variety of educational messages on specific conditions
  • Offering reminders for immunizations and screenings
  • Surveying patients and members to obtain in-depth illness, medication or overall program information 
  • Monitoring intervention impact and effectively triaging, and
  • Locating and re-engaging “lost-to-follow-up” patients

“Enrollment is the cornerstone of disease management and health promotion programs, and it requires a significant investment by healthcare organizations,” said Michael Ross, vice president of healthcare at Varolii. “Progressive Engagement enables managed care organizations and disease management/wellness companies to maximize resources across their programs with the end in mind: delivering appropriate care, preventing onset and progression of disease, improving treatment adherence, reducing wasteful spend and improving retention.”

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