Walgreens expands HIV PrEP medication protocol by 17 markets

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Walgreens expands HIV PrEP medication protocol by 17 markets

By Michael Johnsen - 07/10/2017

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens on Monday announced that beginning July 13, providers at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations in 17 new markets will be able to prescribe PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), a medication protocol for people who don’t have HIV to help proactively protect against HIV infection.  The new markets include Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus (Ohio), Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tucson, Washington D.C., and Wichita.


“In late April, we began prescribing PrEP at our Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations in the Houston area,” stated Pat Carroll, chief medical officer for Walgreens Healthcare Clinics. “Over the past few months, local AIDS organizations across the Houston area have referred patients to our clinics. In addition, our patients in Houston have commended us for giving them an easy option to learn more about PrEP and, if applicable, after a consultation, to get a prescription from one of our providers.”


In addition, also in late April, Walgreens Healthcare Clinics in these and other locations began offering evaluation and testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, Hepatitis B and C, chlamydia, gonorrhea and other conditions, as well as treatment, counseling and referral, as applicable.


Following an initial PrEP consultation with a patient, Healthcare Clinic providers will be able to conduct tests for HIV and other STIs, as needed. Upon review of test results, providers will conduct a follow-up visit and may prescribe PrEP, as necessary.  When taken daily as directed, PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV infection by more than 90% when used consistently.


“As we continue to help improve the comprehensive health and wellbeing of our patients, while also supporting communities across the nation that are impacted by HIV, we are looking forward to rolling out our prevention initiative more broadly,” Carroll said.