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Walgreens expands savings program


DEERFIELD, Ill. The lengthening list of retailers expanding discount programs for generic drugs now includes the nation’s largest drug store chain.

Walgreens announced Monday that it has begun offering 90-day supplies of more than 400 generic prescription drugs for $12 as part of its Prescription Savings Club. The drugs include treatments for pain, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, among others. The program also offers savings on more than 5,000 other generic and brand name drugs.

“This club offers pharmacy patients exceptional value with its broad range of drugs covered, competitive pricing and superior convenience at our 6,300 locations,” said Kermit Crawford, Walgreens’ senior vice president of pharmacy services.

Enrollment in the club costs $20 a year for individuals and $35 for families and is available for anyone not receiving Medicare or Medicaid.

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