Walgreens offers free blood-pressure testing in support of American Heart Month


DEERFIELD, Ill. — In support of American Heart Month, Walgreens is offering free blood-pressure testing at all of its pharmacies and Healthcare Clinics throughout the month of February, the retailer announced Monday.

Tests are available daily during pharmacy and clinic hours with no appointment necessary and are administered by Walgreens pharmacists and Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The free testing aims to encourage customers to know the two critical numbers that can inspire prevention or treatment of hypertension, a disease that often presents no symptoms, but increases the risk for heart disease and stroke.

"Regular health testing is one of the best ways for people to manage their health, and when it comes to blood pressure, it's important for people to know their numbers because detection of high blood pressure can be critical," stated Harry Leider, Walgreens chief medical officer. "Our pharmacists and Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners and physician assistants are an accessible community resource providing free blood-pressure testing throughout the month as part of Walgreens commitment to help people get, stay and live well."

Tests are not done for diagnostic or treatment purposes, and individuals are advised to share their test results with their primary care physician.

Blood pressure trackers, designed to help customers monitor their numbers over time, and American Heart Association educational materials also are available through the pharmacy. Additionally, customers have the option to support the American Heart Association by providing a donation at checkout.



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