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Walgreens' pharmacies to compound Tamiflu


DEERFIELD, Ill. Shortly after announcing its largest flu prevention initiative, Walgreens stated it also will compound Tamiflu in response to the current supply shortage of the prescription flu treatment.

Walgreens pharmacies in all 50 states are prepared to compound Tamiflu capsules into the liquid form to produce an oral suspension prescription for children.

“We want to be as prepared as we possibly can be to treat those who are in need of prescriptions and other healthcare services throughout the duration of what’s expected to be a busy flu season,” said Kermit Crawford, Walgreens SVP pharmacy. “Whether it’s providing flu shots, expert advice or having the ability to compound and fill a child’s prescription that otherwise might be hard to come by, this is another way our expansive network of pharmacists is positioned to help.”

The Food and Drug Administration has established an approved method for compounding Tamiflu, creating a liquid mixture that ensures the most effective and proper dosing. Walgreens pharmacists are trained in compounding and have the necessary ingredients to begin producing Tamiflu oral suspension from capsule form upon depletion of the manufacturer’s supply.

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