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Walgreens survey finds 70% of Americans planning to get flu shot

A new survey conducted by Walgreens found patients preparing themselves for a flu season that many expect to be on par with last year’s. The survey found 40% saying they expected the flu season’s severity to be the same as last year, and 12% who expected it to be worse. In anticipation, 54% said they planned to get a flu vaccine earlier this year, with 70% saying they expected to get a flu shot at some point this year.

However, the survey found that there is ground to gain in terms of getting patients immunized, as 32% of those surveyed said they hadn’t received a flu vaccine in the past three years. That’s despite roughly 80% saying that either they or a family member had suffered from the flu in the same time period. Of those who didn’t get a vaccine, 39% said they had avoided doing so because they believed the vaccine to be ineffective.

The survey also found that despite the severity of last year’s flu season — one of the worst in recent years — some 37% of respondents said they had gone to work while suffering from the flu. Additionally, 2-in-5 of those surveyed said they stay home to protect themselves from the flu.

Walgreens noted that since 2010, it has administered more than 60 million flu vaccines to patients.
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