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Walgreens, VA partner to improve care coordination

Walgreens and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs are working together to improve coordination of care for VA-enrolled patients. Through the partnership, which the agency and retailer announced Friday, VA providers will be able to see the entire medication and immunization history of the VA-enrolled patient if they receive prescriptions and immunizations at Walgreens.

“This arrangement is the first of its kind, and it’s a strong collaboration,” said VA Sec. Robert Wilkie. “Partnerships like this will help VA continue to improve the way we care for Veterans.”

The VA-Walgreens exchange eliminates the need for providers to gather medication history from patients who fill their scripts at Walgreens, the agency said. The collaboration is the latest partnership for Walgreens and the VA, who have teamed up for the past five years to provide no-cost flu shots to enrolled veterans.

The VA said it currently exchanges health information with more than 170 community healthcare partners, including 8,649 — more than 8,000 of which are Walgreens pharmacies — as well as 537 federally qualified health centers, 261 nursing homes, 1,288 hospitals and more than 22,341 clinics.
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