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Watson announces new program designed for advanced prostate cancer patients


MORRISTOWN, N.J. A generic drug maker has launched a program to promote bone health among men with advanced prostate cancer taking long-term androgen-deprivation therapy.

Watson Pharmaceuticals announced Monday that it would supply educational brochures and free 30-day supplies of calcium and vitamin D supplements to urologists, oncologists and other healthcare professionals to give to prostate cancer patients. While androgen-deprivation therapy is a highly effective treatment for prostate cancer used by nearly 2 million men, it can cause bone loss and increase men’s risk for osteoporosis.

“The bone-health side effects of long-term ADT are a serious issue, yet few cancer patients are being informed about the risk or about the lifestyle changes and drug therapy that can help prevent bone loss,” Carolina Urologic Research Center medical director Neal Shore said in a statement. “Because men with prostate cancer are more often receiving their care from a urologist or oncologist, it is important that specialists are educating their male patients about bone health rather than assuming it is the responsibility of the general practitioner.”

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