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Cub Foods launches nutrition information program in stores


NEW YORK That connection between healthy foods and pharmacy is the most powerful card a supermarket pharmacy retailer can play in the battle for prescription-drug marketshare.


But to do it right, you truly need to leverage the assets of that pharmacy — you can't just expect the customer to bridge that gap between food and pharmacy on her own. Programs like this leverage those assets and make a clear statement to their shoppers: “We do more than just fill the prescriptions your doctor writes; we can also help you realize those healthier-eating recommendations that your doctor makes.”


One Food Marketing Institute survey published last year found that while 80% of Americans were trying to eat healthier, only 1-in-10 do so on a regular basis. Everyone else needs help, and that need is forecasted to grow significantly over the next 10 years according to NPD Group market research. “As the population ages, levels of concern regarding food and nutrition are expected to rise,” stated Ann Hanson, director of product development at NPD, earlier this month.

According to another FMI report published in the summer of 2008, more than 48.1% of food retailers already were realizing this vital connection with their customers.

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