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Report: Harris Teeter to implement new EHR in stores


NEW YORK The health information technology revolution is sweeping beyond urban centers and into the heartland.


Newest case in point: Harris Teeter, whose tagline is “Your Neighborhood Food Market,” and whose reach is deep in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions. The 188-store chain has adopted sophisticated electronic health record technology in 118 in-store pharmacies, giving both its customer-patients and its pharmacists a real-time, easily accessed information platform with which to make more informed health decisions.


Behind the technology driving the online system: Florida-based Connectyx Technologies Holding Group. One distinguishing characteristic: ease of use. Harris Teeter pharmacy customers can use the system’s flash drive to access their prescription records anywhere they can find a computer and an Internet connection.

Connectyx president and CEO Ronn Schuman described the ease with which patients in the company’s eight-state market area — which also includes Washington, D.C. — can connect with their own data. It goes without saying that also can give those patients’ pharmacists and physicians ready access to accurate data and a more comprehensive patient profile.

“Harris Teeter's customer base will greatly benefit from digitally storing their personal health records on our … MedFlash drive, which is so portable it can be kept on a key ring for access whenever and wherever needed,” Schuman said.

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